Hello! Bienvenedos! Bonjour! {World Market Collection Release}

September 26, 2016

Hello! Bienvenedos! Bonjour! {World Market Collection Release}

We don't know about you... but we've fallen in love with this years fall collection. This latest release was no exception either! 

World Market was inspired by the desire to celebrate beautiful children from all around the world that make life so rich and worth living. No matter where they live or the color of their skin, we are amazed by all of them.

Childhood is magical because they dream every day of magic, princesses and a bright and happy future. If we each had as much vision and curiosity as our daughters imagine what our days would be filled with.

Our World Market Collection features rich bold jewel tones and unique designs and patterns from around the globe. 

We can't imagine life without the beautiful smiles, the looks of wonder and amazement only found on a child's face. Be sure to hold yours close today.

Lots of you ask us about the inspiration behind the designs and collection each season are. We thought it no better than to get it straight from Corinne who is our head designer. Here's a quick video about the story behind World Market and a few of her favorite pieces. We've also got a little surprise for everyone at the end! 


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