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Our Story


      Persnickety began back in 2008 when we (Corinne and Craig) began designing and building a business at home with our 5 small children all around us. I started creating clothing for my girls to wear and sewing small batches of clothing to sell at home gatherings for other ladies with young girls. From there, we connected with a manufacturer and started producing small runs of boutique style clothing for little girls. It was received extremely well and before we knew what was happening we were fully wrapped up in a clothing company and  were selling in over 250 retailers across the country and producing thousands of garments each season. We grew quicker that we knew how, and had the ride of our lives. 

     Through the years as our life with our family and business got more hectic, we knew we needed to make some major adjustments. We had our 6th child and knew my place needed to be at home focusing on our family. Thankfully God knew exactly how to get me there and with a turn of events, He made it possible and I haven't doubted for a minute that home was where I was supposed to be at that time. Although we have felt so torn and unsure about what to do with our "Persnickety child" (the business), we were very sure, it needed to take the back seat for a season. 

     Designing has always been such a love of mine. It doesn't really matter what I am designing, whether it is in my garden, my home, food in my kitchen, or clothing, I just love to create.      

     Now that my baby is 6 and my oldest is 24 and grand babies on there way, I have been pulled back to designing again. Though I won't be designing and producing to the extent I used to, it feels good to be back again and I feel such a large amount of gratitude for the amazing people who have supported our brand through the years and the incredibly warm welcome we have received. We are excited to see what the future brings and welcome you to the Persnickety family. 


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