Our Story

Humble beginnings

It's hard to believe that Persnickety Clothing Company began just a few years ago as a little clothing company that produced small quantities of girls' clothes to sell at farmers markets and fairs across Utah. We spent every Wednesday during our first summer in business driving to Park City with our five children to share Persnickety with those lovely people who stopped by our table. Thankfully 7-Eleven was within walking distance of our market. We got a lot of mileage out of those Slurpees.

During that same summer, Craig had the opportunity to travel with a group to Nicaragua to explore options for charitable giving—a part of our Persnickety dream that we were anxious to see unfold. His experience there was life-changing, and he met some fantastic people who would eventually help us find and employ home sewers in the country. We decided at that moment that no matter what, we were going to make this business grow and help people every step of the way.

In February 2010 we launched our first wholesale line for the upcoming Fall season. We teamed up with some successful sales reps who helped us get the word out about Persnickety. We had no idea what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised when we ended up with about 50 girls clothing boutiques that first season. Our customers—both the retailers and the end users who have embraced our brand—continue to amaze us. We recognize that together we can bring joy not only to those here at home, but also to those who live in areas where there is much poverty.

A lot has changed since that first summer. We now have an incredible team of employees and partners who make our success possible every day. For Persnickety Clothing Company, the American dream is still very much alive. Our incredible customers, plus some sweat and tears along the way, have made it possible to make the world a little better.

Craig, Corinne and the Persnickety Team.

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