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Planning Family Photos

Planning Family Photos

It's hard to believe how quickly this year has passed. Give us back our little babies with chubby cheeks that only knew how to say kitty, mama, hi and shoes. It is incredible to see how much our children change each year. They hit new milestones from finally being able to get her hair into pigtails to six-inch growth spurts. Looking at photos from just one year ago our hearts ache to have our little babies back. Yearly photos preserve beautiful memories of our kid's smiles while they were missing teeth, or drooling because they were teething, or of that new hair cut she loved.

Persnickety has done hundreds of photo shoots and we've found the difference between the good and insane amazing images comes down to details.  

 1. Make sure you feel beautiful! Your daughter is growing so quickly and you'll want to have pictures of you holding her while she was little. Choose an outfit that makes you feel gorgeous. Have the outfits and shoes laid out the day before, so that you aren't stressed the day of photos. Ask your spouse for help in getting the kids changed and fed before photos. If you have been overwhelmed all day it will be difficult to take candid happy photos.  

2. Choose a really colorful standout piece that you are madly in love with and then choose coordinating outfits based off that. We like to pick at least three colors to dress everyone else in so that outfits aren't too matchy. Our daughters always wear Persnickety which means mom, dad and brothers typically choose neutral colors that tie in with her beautiful dress.  

3. We try to avoid poses. Let's be honest, trying to get one or two or four kids to cooperate and hold still long enough to capture "the perfect shot" that you've pulled from Pinterest is a lot like trying to put a diaper on a monkey under water. Instead, we play peek-a-boo to catch a smile of our six-month baby. Let brother and sister tickle each other and we have the twins hold hands and walk down the path looking for heart shaped rocks. Above all else, we want pictures with lots of kisses and hugs!

4. We take family pictures every year to remember precious moments. One way you can make each year special is to use props specific to your child's life that year. A favorite trend we are seeing right now is for little girls to take pictures with their favorite stuffed animal. We love having keepsake memories of Carrots before he got hauled to farmer's markets, park trips, and play dates

5. Finally, make sure to get a glory image of you and your spouse as the main focus. We grew up hearing that the greatest thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. Ask your photographer to find a shot that captures how much you and your spouse love each other. Your children will always look back and know that their parents were a team and the best of friends, and it will remind them of what they are looking for in a relationship. 

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