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Bald Is Beautiful

Bald Is Beautiful

One of the heartbreaking days for a mom of a daughter battling cancer is the day her hair starts coming out. So much of our self-esteem is tied to the way we look and especially our hair. We want our daughters to feel beautiful and confident. What we really want is them to be healthy. When you find out your daughter has cancer it feels like the whole world should stop. It is crucial that we teach our daughters that beauty also lies in having big dreams, serving others, and learning.  Livvi is the perfect example of beauty.

Mommy Korinne said, “Liv’s hair had been coming out in handfuls for the last two days. Our whole house had a fresh layer of blond hair all over it. She couldn’t stand the hair all over her and that it was falling into her food and covering all her blankets and stuffed animals.”

“I tearfully texted both families and told them that it had to be done soon and that we would be cutting her the next night (Sunday evening). I also texted a good friend and asked if she would go headband shopping with me. I just needed to get out and take a breath. This was all happening so fast, so much faster than the doctors said it would. Some kids do lose their hair in the first round of chemo, but most don’t lose it until month 3 or 4. I knew it was going to happen, and I thought I was ok with it. But then all of a sudden it was happening NOW, and I wasn’t ok with it!”

“We started getting ready for her party. She was SO excited. I decided to make her very favorite food: White Chicken Chili. Liv LOVES to cook with me, but because her hair was falling everywhere, I couldn’t let her help me with her soup. She was so sad about this and said she couldn’t wait until her hair was gone so that she could help me cook again. As sad as it sounds, I’m so grateful for little things like that, that made her want to get rid of her hair.”

After dinner, Liv said, “Ok, Mom! I’m ready to cut my hair!” I was so surprised that she was telling me she was ready, I thought for sure that once the time came, she would decide she didn’t want to. I was shaking so bad as I picked up the clippers and turned them on. It was painful for me to do this to my baby girl. I knew that it needed to be me that did it.

I put a smile on my face, lifted up her thinning hair, and did my first swipe. As it fell to the ground I felt my emotions getting the better of me. Silent tears streamed down my face as I slowly made my way across her head. The room was silent; not an uncomfortable and awkward silence, but a calm and spiritual silence. Everyone watched as our brave girl sat strongly and had her “Rapunzel hair” shaved off. There were a lot of, “Liv, you look so beautiful!” and “It looks so great, Liv!” or “I’m so proud of you, Liv!” It was so great to have the support of those that she loves. I was shaking so badly by the end that Rick stepped in to help me finish it. As soon as we were done we let her pick the headband she wanted to wear. She picked a beautiful green floral one. As soon as she hopped down and we took the cape off she gave a great big smile. She was genuinely so happy!

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. We are on call 24 hours a day and at times each of us are overwhelmed. Our strength lies in standing together and helping another mama who is exhausted. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt overwhelmed at church or while traveling or just by the everyday requirements of being a mom. All this with very healthy kids. My heart is so touched by those moments when another mom pulls out a toy for my daughter to play with during church, and by the mom across the aisle on the plane who played peek-a-boo with my crying baby. Moms support moms. Our strength lies in each other. We are on Earth to help each other.

On September 28th Persnickety Clothing and the Princess Millie Foundation are hosting a Headband Party. 
We want to celebrate the beautiful girls who have lost their hair while battling the cancer monster. 

Bald is beautiful. It is a sign of courage, compassion, and grit. We will have hundreds of beautiful flowers ready, so you can quickly design a one of a kind headband for a little girl with cancer. When you are ready to leave you can choose a favorite to take home to your sweetheart! Bring a friend and get ready to craft!


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Carol Kreuzman

This is truly beautiful and very heartbreaking story about this beautiful precious child.
I cannot express in words, the sadness this family has endured by losing this beautiful child.
But just knowing that Princess Millie’s beautiful talent for design and your help brought this
child’s beauty to life.
I had the pleasure of meeting you and many other wonderful people a few years ago.
I was truly impressed with your wonderful and kind giving spirt. You put your heart and soul
in all your creations and the love and kindness to those in need.
I want to say Thank you for bringing Millie’s design to life for her family and that Millie’s dream did come true.
God Bless

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