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Future So Bright: Our Note To You On The First Day of School

Future So Bright: Our Note To You On The First Day of School

The day you came into our lives you brought us more happiness than we could have imagined. We wanted to express how proud we are of the amazing girl you are becoming. Your toothy smile is a light to everyone you meet, we love your sweet laugh and curious heart. You are our greatest sunshine.

As you took your first steps and said your first words, we got a glimpse the future in store for you. You were meant for greatness. You were meant to create.

Then it was time; to send you off into the world. The first day of school was the hardest for me. To watch you go out and make new friends, and become the little lady I knew you were meant to be. Your future is so bright!

A special magic surrounds the first day of school. First day butterflies and first-day outfits will always be remembered.

My advice to you this year is to seek magic every day. Look for the good and tell me one happy thing you saw, one good thing you did and one act of kindness someone did for you. Each day is filled with spectacular moments of happiness.


Remember that everyone is looking for a friend. Always be the one to say, "Come sit by us." Look for the new girl and ask her to play with your friends at recess. Never be afraid to say hi. You are too awesome to not share your smile with people!

I know sometimes you get scared, but remember the words of Pooh Bear, " You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." Again, YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE. You are strong and determined. A real wild woman. We can't wait to see your accomplishments this year.

We can see it in your eyes… your future's so bright. Happy First Day of School to all of our Persnickety Girls!


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Love this!! That Pooh quote always makes me tear up!

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