Buying Is Giving


Helping less fortunate children was one of the primary motivations for starting Persnickety Clothing Company. Our Buying Is Giving™ program allows us to do just that. Every time an item of Persnickety clothing is purchased, we share a portion of the proceeds with children in need.

In August of 2009, I traveled to Nicaragua to explore opportunities that would provide clothing to children and employment to local families.  During that trip he was able to meet some amazing people that today help us manage our charitable operations in Nicaragua. Nicaragua, currently the poorest country in Central America is a special place and we have experienced tremendous joy working with the amazing people there.  It has been great to see the change that has taken place in peoples lives as they have had an opportunity to use their talents to produce clothing for less fortunate children in their country.   Many of our seamstresses are mothers that are working hard to provide for their children and give them an opportunity in life.  With Persnickety they are able to work from home close to their little ones, which has been a great blessing to them. 

Our main goal is not to help just put food on their table but to help them break the cycle of poverty and in doing so impact future generations.  We accomplish this by compensating them very well.  We have been told that people who sew for us are making as much or more than the average college graduate in Nicaragua.  This allows them to start saving and focusing on more than just the basic needs of life. 

Let us introduce you to Yamileth, a mother of 5 who is a very talented seamstress that has struggled to find consistent work.  When sewing works was slow, she and her children would go and peel shrimp to get by.  During the week they could peel about 300lbs of shrimp for which she was paid $25.00.  Obviously this was not enough to meet her needs but it was better than nothing.  Fortunately we found Yamileth and she is now sewing school uniforms for us.  Her average monthly wage is now over $400.00 per month and her children go to sleep each night with a full tummy.  Her children are now attending school and are focused on their education.   A few months ago we were informed that she had purchased mattresses for her children to sleep on.  Up until that time they have been sleeping on stacks of cardboard for mattresses.  This is what Buying is Giving is all about.  Those who purchase Persnickety items are truly making a huge difference in the life of Yamileth and about a dozen others like her. 



While we love what we are able to do in providing work, we are also very excited about the joy that the children experience when they are given a school uniform.  In Nicaragua public education is available to the children however their school uniforms are not provided.  Unfortunately, many children do not attend school because they do not have the uniform and they feel uncomfortable.  Our goal is to solve this problem by providing uniforms to those children whose parents can’t afford it or choose not purchase the uniform.  In 2012, Persnickety distributed over 8,000 school uniforms to children in Nicaragua and Honduras. 

In early 2012, we took a trip to Nicaragua with our three oldest children to participate in the giving of dresses and school uniforms.  It was so great to experience first hand the work that is being done.  It was an experience our children will never forget.  Thank you for making this part of our company a reality.  Without our customers none of this would happen.  Please remember that with Persnickety Clothing, Buying is Giving.   Click the link below to see a video of our trip. 


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